2014 Verizon Iron Girl Clearwater

Pace Groups

Iron Girl would like to thank FITniche for sponsoring our 2014 pace groups. 

What are “Pacers”?

A person or team that helps you achieve your running goal by setting a consistent pace during the event. They help you avoid going out too fast, help you maintain a steady pace, then help motivate you to the finish.

Iron Girl Clearwater will have pacers for the Half Marathon that range every 10 minutes from 1:40 through 2:50. Each pacer will have a sign indicating their estimated finish time. To run with the pace group, simply introduce yourself to the pacer on race morning. Don't be shy, our pacers are friendly and happy to help in anyway they can!

Meet the Pacers

1:40 Pace Group 

Pacer JAcob 

Jacob Geisler: 

FITniche employee who loves to train. He competes in triathlons and 1/2 marathons.

MIlton PAcer
Milton Lyons:
FITniche accessory buyer. Boston Marathon Finisher and is currently training for summer triathlons.

1:50 Pace Group 

Brian Pacer  Brian Brink:
FITniche store manager. Brian loves to compete at the half and full marathon distance. He is also national rank in The Urban Race.

Rodney Carter

2:00 Pace Group 

Jay Pacer  Jay Dixon:
Pacing Guru. Jay has paced Women’s Half, Rock n’ Roll, Iron Girl and Lakeland Half for the last 4 years, also is a full distance IRONMAN finisher.
 Pacer Greg Greg Brown 

2:10 Pace Group

Yen Pacer 

Yen Loyola: 

The firefighter. You will in the safest pace group if you run with him. Yen also competes in many triathlons. 

 Jessica Pacer  Jessica Lyons:
Former FITniche employee, currently a physician assistant. Also loves doing triathlons and is training for a first full marathon in March.

2:20 Pace Group

Ben PAcer 

Ben Johnson: 

Former FITniche manager. Ben has paced Women’s Half, Rock n’ Roll, Iron Girl and Lakeland Half for the last 4 years. 

 Pacer Laurie Laurie Myers

2:30 Pace Group

Tia PAcer 

Tia Pettygrue:

I've paced over 20 races and completed 38 Half Marathons and 6 Full Marathons. My  best half is 1:49. I'm also a certified running coach, Black Girls RUN! Ambassador, and love to have fun!

PAcer AMy

Amy Radano 

2:40 Pace Group

 Pacer Christina Christina Beke
Pacer Rosa  Rosa Walsh

2:50 Pace Group

Wendy Pacer 

Wendy Fitzsimmons:  

I am a wife and mom to a 17 year old girl and 10 year old boy.  I teach full time 18 preschoolers.  I have been running over six years consistently now.  I've run numerous half marathons and one full marathon over the years! This will be my fourth Irongirl half! 

 Leah Pacer Leah Metelnikow: 

I am originally from Miami, Florida where I was acompetitive swimmer. I moved to Lakeland for my career as a pediatric physicaltherapist. I work in the school system and have been running for 5 years.