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Race Entry Fees

Half Marathon Race
Women's Individual
$90.00 until April 22nd 
$105.00 at packet pick-up locations and expo

 (you must be 14 years old to participate in the half marathon)

5K Run/Walk
Women's Individual

$35.00 until April 22nd
$50.00 at packet pick-up locations and expo

Pace Requirement:

There will be a 4 hour cut-off time for the half marathon. You must be able to maintain a 18:18 -minute per mile pace or faster for the half marathon.

5K must finish in 75 minutes or less.

Transfer & Refund Policies
All participant entries are non-transferable and non-refundable. You may not transfer or sell your race number to another person and we do not offer deferrals to events in the next season or another event in the series.

Any changes/corrections/switching to a different event distance must be made in person at packet pickup.