Hero - Rocky Gap

Rocky Gap

The Iron Girl team was looking forward to meeting our participants at the September 7th Rocky Gap event. As athletes, we know you have trained to race in this specific event and we appreciate your dedication. We are informing each participant that the 2014 Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon will not take place

We were unable to obtain the proper permit approval from a local township in order to acquire the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation permit. Without a proper permit, we're unable to secure a safe bike course for our athletes. At Iron Girl, athlete safety is our first priority. We understand you've been actively training and want to provide several opportunities. 

We noticed many of our athletes live within proximity to Columbia, MD, and would like to offer a transfer to the August 17th event: 

If you're unable to transfer into the Columbia, MD event, we will offer a transfer into one of our following Iron Girl races: 

For those wishing not to transfer, we will gladly offer a full refund**. 

Registered participants will receive an email from World Triathlon Corporation  with additional instructions and a link to choose one of the above options. Contact rockygap@irongirl.com with additional questions.  

The September 7th Rocky Gap event was originally part of the Iron Girl Triple Crown Series. We realize several participants signed up for all three races. We thank the participants who signed up for the series, and appreciate your dedication. We were looking forward to congratulating each participant on her individual accomplishment. Without the Rocky Gap event to complete the series, unfortunately there’s not an opportunity for a Triple Crown. 

*processing fee not included 
**registration fee

(Rules & Conditions: Please note that this offer is valid through Monday, August 4, 2014, 11:59pm ET. Only athletes registered for the Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon as of July 22, 2014, 11:59pm ET, are entitled to the offer. You can only enter one race under the conditions mentioned above. No reimbursements can be made for previously registered races)