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Get a feel for multisport with the women-only Iron Girl sprint triathlon August 23 in Seattle, Washington. Whether your goal is to finish your first sprint triathlon or post a personal-best finish time, TN Multisports will help get you prepared for your big race!

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Homemade Energy Gels
by Luvo


I’ll never forget that time I was walking along Vancouver’s beautiful sea wall and kept coming across empty energy gel packets littered all over the path. A marathon had taken place the day before and I was a) horrified at the litterbugs and b) intrigued by these gel things. What did they do? Who would want to squirt gel into their mouths while running? I had so many questions.

Energy gels are popular among runners because they are a portable, lightweight fueling solution. In other words, runners don’t have to carry a heavy energy drink while running; they only have to carry a couple small energy gel packets to help them maintain their endurance for the long haul.
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