Five Secrets to Enjoying Your First Triathlon 

At first glance, training for a triathlon seems exceptionally complex: You’re taking on a blend of three different endurance activities, each with a different set of skills and training demands. While it’s good to have a small dose of nervous excitement to help motivate you to complete the key workouts of your training plan, you don’t want to be overwrought by the project. Rather, the first thing to is to focus your thoughts and energy around the small tasks that comprise a good triathlon training program, making sure you first and foremost enjoy the process of being a triathlete. Click here to read more


What to Wear on Race Day

As women we know that what we wear on race day must not only be practical, but must also make us feel incredible. Race day is our day. We are empowered women, dedicated to strength and performance. We expect nothing less of our attire. Be prepared for your first race with these simple guidelines. Click here to read more

Setting Up Your Triathlon Transition Area

Setting up a transition area can be very stressful for participants. In addition to race day nerves, a fenced-in area packed with carbo-loaded participants can be an overwhelming and chaotic experience. Consisting of a combination of three disciplines (swim, bike, run), triathletes must be ready to quickly transition from one event to the next during a race. Proper set-up of your belongings is key to a simple and fast transition. Click here to read more